HGG Consult

Are you planning to start a business or do you merely need to confirm that you are on the right track? HGG Consult are experts in all areas of business management, valuations, business plans or the buying and selling of assets. We can support you with funding for the expansion and/or acquisition of assets and capital expansion for working capital.

We are also involved in the buying and selling of businesses and the appropriate marketing thereof.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we understand how businesses function; we understand the economic climate and in particular the pressure under which businesses operate. We first gather a wealth of information about your company and business environment and only then do we give advice. We believe in becoming a so-called “partner” in your business.

HGG Consult also offers services to individuals, which include the provision of advances on existing loans, further loans on existing mortgage loans, building loans and pre-approval of residential mortgages.

Our directors

Hendrik Gerryts
Chief executive officer
Casper Marais

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