It’s golfing time!

The annual HGG Financial Group Golf Day takes place next month – enter now so you don’t miss out.

The HGG Financial Group Golf Day, in aid of ForwardFund, is just around the corner! This popular annual golf day takes place on Thursday, 21 November 2019 at Clovelly Country Club.

Insurance is a lifeline when natural disasters strike

As natural disasters increase, so does the importance of insurance, says the team at Helderberg Insurance Brokers (HiB).

Natural disasters and climate change have made adequate insurance cover an absolute necessity for individuals and businesses.

Your will, your way…

Dying without a will leaves you powerless to express and advocate for your wishes in terms of your estate and your dependants. Make sure that you can speak for yourself and that your final wishes are respected.

Is your NPO up to date?

Have you submitted the necessary annual paperwork for your NPO? If not, make sure you do so without delay. HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions can help you with this important task.

According to Section 18 (1) (a) of the Non-Profit Organisations Act, every registered NPO must provide a report of its activities, together with its financial statements and the accounting officer’s report, within nine months after the end of its financial year.

Start saving today

Saving isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. HGG Wealth explains why it’s so important to save, and how to make saving a financial habit.

South Africans are not very good at saving. In fact, statistics for the first quarter of 2019 show that South Africans are saving an alarming -0,1% of GDP (Statistics SA). Simply put, this means that for every R100 we earn, we are spending R100,10.

We’re getting ready to celebrate…

The 21-year milestone is just around the corner for HGG Financial Group.

At HGG, we’re counting down the days until August 2019, because it marks our 21st birthday. “I am incredibly excited to reach the milestone of 21 years. It is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of many people.

Tick tax off your list

Make this the year you submit your tax return well in advance, with help from HGG Professional Accountants.

It’s the middle of the year and that means it’s time to submit your tax return for the 2018/2019 tax year.

Book your spot for great golfing action

The sixth ForwardFund Annual Golf Day is just a few months away. So that means it’s time to practise your swing in preparation for some serious golfing action and fun.

Understanding capital gains tax

HGG Professional Accountants explains the ins and outs of capital gains tax.

Capital gains tax (CGT) is something that you probably hear a lot about at budget time and then not much at all unless you sell an asset. So, what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Benefit from your investment

HGG Financial Group explains how you can claim tax and B-BBEE benefits when investing in up-and-coming South African businesses.

Small- and medium-sized businesses in South Africa often struggle to attract the investment they require to expand.

We’re celebrating a memorable March

HGG Financial Group shares the Cape Epic and golfing action from the past month.

March was an eventful month at HGG Financial Group with the sponsorship of two major sporting events.

Tyd met Aleit is back!

Get ready for season four of Tyd met Aleit, the popular entertainment programme sponsored by the HGG Financial Group. The first episode of this season will be broadcast from tonight 3 April for thirteen weeks.

HiB honoured 4 years in a row!

That’s four in a row for Helderberg Insurance Brokers (HiB)! Last week, HiB again received Santam’s Diamond Award for the best brokerage in Santam’s Boland region.

Your ticket to invest offshore

HGG Wealth gives you the freedom to invest in foreign funds via a Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate.

HiB: New expertise for a new year

Helderberg Insurance Brokers (HiB) is ready for another year of exceptional short-term insurance service and advice. There have been some changes on our side, but we believe that our new structure will enable us to provide top-class service to all our clients in 2019.

Your guide to the 2019 Budget

HGG Financial Group fills you in on the highlights from yesterday’s Budget speech.

Living well in 2019

You can’t put a price on good health. That’s why wellness and healthy living should be priorities for us all. In this spirit, the HGG Financial Group is proud to be associated with a number of sporting events this year.

Invest today and pay less tax

Pay less tax and get more money for your retirement – it’s a win-win situation. HGG Wealth explains the advantages of investing in a retirement annuity before 28 February.

Hello 2019!

HGG Financial Group looks forward to helping you shape a very prosperous year ahead.

The HGG Financial Group is ready for all the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2019. The year 2019 is especially exciting, as it marks the 21st birthday of the Group.

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