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Are you looking for a stimulating work environment where your interests are looked after? And where you are given the opportunity to expand your knowledge with rapid strides? Then join the HGG Financial Group.

We offer an exciting work environment for accounting graduates to gain experience in a variety of fields, including taxation, auditing, accounting, estate and tax administration, to mention but a few. We are an accredited SAIPA training centre. After completion of your three-year articles at our firm, you will be eligible to write the national SAIPA exam.

We also offer a range of training courses and seminars to equip you with the required knowledge to qualify as a professional accountant.

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William Laubscher, Professional Accountant

“Doing my accounting articles through HGG Professional Accountants was the stepping stone that propelled me to the position that I currently hold. I am currently the financial manager of a construction firm, Power-Oyeno Construction (Pty) Ltd. The experience and wisdom that was built into me at HGG is of great value and I would not have been where I am today if it was not for their input.”

Mieke Bredenkamp, Financial Controller, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

“The learnership at HGG was my first foray into the world of accounting and it has served me well as a base to build my career on. The wide variety of clients kept the work interesting and the friendly atmosphere made the office feel like a second home. Management and senior staff were always helpful and there was no shortage of training opportunities. Much of my current skillset and work ethic stems from my days as a clerk at HGG for which I'll always be thankful.”

Erik Fourie CA(SA) at the Shoprite Group

“I walked into the HGG Financial Group as a student with no confidence, not knowing what to expect. But to this day I will say that was exactly where I needed to be at that stage of my life. Hendrik Gerryts is one of those people who makes you feel welcome and always treats you with friendliness and respect. And the rest of the staff were wonderful people to work with. I gained a tremendous lof of confidence in myself at the HGG Financial Group thanks to the managers who placed their trust in me and gave me responsibility.

“We worked hard but also had fun and games. I changed from someone who was unsure whether he had chosen the right field of study, to someone whose interest in accounting and tax took a whole turn. I suddenly wanted to be good in what I did. And we had to do everything.

“HGG Financial Group was one of the huge steps in my life. And it was terribly difficult for me the day I decided to move on.”

Liezl de Necker, accountant at Cape Diamond Wines (Pty) Ltd (Lutzville Vineyards)

“I started as trainee accountant at HGG Somerset West in January 2012. Of course this was my first job and I was petrified, but the other employees and trainee accountants immediately made my feel at home. I was able to grow with HGG, and was fortunate to start at HGG Paarl where I completed my articles and worked as audit and office manager. I then started working at HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions where I was able to work with non-profit organisations as well as previously disadvantaged persons. It was an incredible opportunity and growth process for my career as well as personally.

“HGG is a fantastic company and really cares for its employees. I had five incredible years, preparing me for the big world out there.”

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