Outstanding service is of the utmost importance

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As an authorised financial services provider (FSP no. 44905), HGG Wealth puts a high premium on outstanding service. With this in mind our wealth managers work with you to analyse your future financial needs and provide the best possible customised advice.

"We offer valuable advice on retirement planning, investments and risk protection, including life, disability, severe illness and income protection insurance, which ensures effective long-term financial planning. HGG Wealth functions independently and manages investments with investment houses and insurance companies directly. We also provide health care advice," says Niek van den Berg, director and wealth manager.

A team of expert wealth managers enables us to provide this service. The team comprises Niek van den Berg on 021 851-2778, David Walker on 021 979-3900 and Dennis Robertson on 021 851-2778, supported by Heleen van den Berg and Greta Walker.

"Stefanie Tolken, former wealth manager, has left the services of HGG Wealth. However, her clients can rest assured that HGG Wealth will continue providing them with specialist support. Please feel free to contact me, David or Dennis in this regard," says Niek.