HGG Wealth

HGG Wealth provides a holistic approach to financial and health planning, offering our clients peace of mind about their financial future. HGG Wealth offers the management of bank accounts, foreign exchange transactions, investment and life insurance services and medical scheme services.

Life insurance and investment services

As an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP no 44905), HGG Wealth offers valuable advice on retirement planning, investments and risk protection which includes life, disability, severe illness and income protection insurance, thereby ensuring effective long-term financial planning.

We have relationships with various local and international financial services companies, including Allan Gray, Investec, Discovery, Liberty, PPS, Sanlam, and Old Mutual . This allows us to offer you independent advice and suitable products based on your unique circumstances and needs.

HGG Wealth functions independently and manages investments directly with investment houses and insurance companies. With more than 25 years combined experience, HGG Wealth also specialises in pre-retirement and post-retirement planning and can help clients with local and international investments and portfolios.

Banking services

HGG Wealth serves as private banker for various banks, which means that the opening of electronic accounts, payments and withdrawals all happen at our offices. We offer call accounts, money fund call accounts as well as fixed deposit accounts for a period of seven days to 12 months. We charge no administrative fee, commission or banking costs and your money is available within twelve hours. On top of it the interest rate offered is higher than the average bank rates.

Foreign exchange

HGG Wealth also manages foreign exchange transactions on various banking platforms. We help you optimise all your exchange rate conversions and risk management business, designed for corporations, smaller companies and parastatals. Clients can select from a fully scalable set of professional FX risk management services.

These services include

  • Best rate: Our highly skilled and experienced FX dealing team work on behalf of all our clients to achieve the most competitive execution rate in this fast-moving, complex marketplace.
  • Hedging strategy: We work with your finance and business professionals to design the most effective hedge programme, based on your policies and specific business requirements, combined with our expert knowledge of the technical and fundamental features of the FX market.
  • Tax clearances: We apply for tax clearance on behalf of individuals who want to do international investments between the amounts of R1 million and R10 million. We also transfer the funds.
  • Importers: We also specialise in transferring overseas funds on behalf of importers to their suppliers at competitive exchange rates.
  • Exporters: Exporters and individuals receiving foreign exchange from overseas, also have the benefit of our competitive exchange rate and no commission payable.
  • Travellers: We organise travel allowances for South Africans travelling abroad.
  • Administration: We can take care of all the hassle of FX transaction confirmation, settlement, regulatory compliance and reporting.

Healthcare insurance

It is not always possible to safeguard your health, but it is possible to make financial provision for medical care when you need it most. HGG Wealth is an accredited member of the Council for Medical Schemes and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP no 44905) and aims to make healthcare insurance as clear and simple as possible. We represent a wide range of accredited medical aid companies, including Discovery Health, Momentum, Medihelp, Fedhealth, Medshield, Profmed and Bonitas. This allows us to advise you independently on the best medical plan to meet your needs.

The services we offer through HGG Wealth include medical aids, hospital plans, wellness programmes, GAP cover, domestic and international health insurance and medical insurance.


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Chief executive officer
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