HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions

At HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions we have a unique and forward-thinking approach to the distinctive needs and requirements of NPOs.

We are a dynamic group of skilled and experienced financial, business, marketing, IT and development specialists who understand the immense challenges faced by NPOs and are geared to provide your organisation with an extensive range of products and financial services. These sustainable solutions will be tailor-made according to your NPO's specific financial requirements and objectives in the most cost-effective way. We are serious about creating financial security and stability for your NPO.

We have a proactive approach towards ensuring that your NPO is sustainable and remains relevant. Therefore we provide the following services that are additional to our accountingwealth managementITshort term insurancetrust and medical aid services and that are tailor-made to suit your NPO's requirements:

  • Institutional development, whereby we assist you with starting a foundation or NPO in terms of
    • building commitment and choosing your structure and mission,
    • building your board of trustees,
    • staffing your NPO, and
    • developing your budgets, systems and strengthening your programmes.
  • Our programme priorities and operations support you with
    • designing and implementing grant-making programmes,
    • strengthening the capacities within your organisation,
    • building bridges through networking and collaboration,
    • measuring the impact of specific programmes, and
    • evaluating programmes.
  • Mobilising resources and other support to assist you with
    • developing resource mobilisation strategies and funding models,
    • developing and implementing fundraising from individuals as well as international sources,
    • international foundations and development agencies,
    • creating financial bridges to the private sector, and
    • developing income generation plans.
  • We assist with your marketing and communication needs through
    • the development and implementation of marketing strategies and communication plans,
    • e-mail, newsletters and SMS communication to donors,
    • assisting with public relations and the media,
    • advertising campaigns,
    • expertise in branding and raising the profile of your NPO,
    • providing marketing material for projects and fund-raising events, and
    • e-marketing, which includes social media, as well as your NPO's own website.
  • Capacity building, which is crucial to the development and sustainability of your NPO, will also be facilitated by us. This includes
    • innovative fundraising training,
    • leadership development, and
    • networking.
  • We offer a wide range of financial and secretariat services tailor-made for NPOs, including bookkeeping, registrations, tax and financial statements.

For information about the SETA Accredited Estate Agent Training, click here.

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